Sunday, May 31, 2015


We pope by a fair. It was neat to see the big boats, but the funniest were the "American rides".
A dollar to the first person who can identify all of the folks in the background.
Also, random bridge photos and art.


Sometimes you just need to put on a flouncey skirt and blog like a maven.

The "E" Is for Excellence

And, possibly, evasion of taxes. That apparently played a huge part in early development of Irish whiskey.
The Irish Whiskey Museum was a great tour: David, our guide, was great, the exhibits interesting...and good whiskey at the end! Plus, since it's unaffiliated with a distillery, we get to talk honestly about any of the brands.

Diligent Blogging by Kelly

As we enjoy a coffee and wait for The Whiskey Museum Tour.
And a funny shop name.

Dublin Castle

Really cool. Reversed Harp for Ireland national symbol had to be negotiated with Guiness.

George St Arcade



Whitefriar Grill. Ridiculous brunch.
Excited Kelly.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fade St Social Restaurant

Apparently Kelly and I aren't the only ones smitten with this joint. Tonight we saw John C McGinley (Dr.Cox from Scrubs) there.
And a short while back?
Jay-Z and Beyoncé. That's just how Kelly and I roll.

A Delightful Dinner

Again at Fade St Social. Again with Dylan from Trenton.
Amazing food. Ridiculous Denver Roll and a spectacular Bread Pudding. ..though I still live Dundon's. And we passed The Troc! Further solidifies this town as Euro-Phillyland. In a good way
Plus a picture of Kelly closing Oneils Pub and a friendly drunk helped capture a photo of kelly and I with Molly Malone. Sassy.

A Quiet Day In Dublin

A walk to Jameson, a little lunch at a place nearby,  a walk back through St Stephens Green , a trip down Grafton Street...and now a rest before dinner. Yay!